Health Trends We Can Smile About

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Current health trends are all about natural ways to restore and maintain health. This year trends are focus on total self-care.  They benefit both the body and the mind, returning to the quality of what we eat, drink, and put into our bodies. At the same time, meditation and other alternative medicine practices that keep the mind calm and centered are gaining in popularity. Make 2020 the year dedicated to self-care for body, mind, and spirit.  In this article learn about what’s hot, what’s cooling off, and health trends we can smile about.       

CBD Soars in 2020

CBD Gummy Rings are part of health trends we can smile about.
CBD Gummy Rings are among the most popular CBD Products.

The popularity of CBD (cannabidiol) will continue into 2020. Sales of CBD products expected to rise 32% over the next 5 years. That’s because it is widely available and legal in all 50 states, and it’s effective.  Users report relief from pain and anxiety as well as better sleep.  Everyone is born with CBD receptors in their body, so it’s no wonder that with consistent use, it is a powerful treatment for many health conditions.

We will continue to see CBD and other cannabinoids added to more products including more edibles. Many people are already making their own CBD laced baked goods and smoothies.  And now, you can buy CBD infused food and drinks right off the grocery store shelf.  The most popular CBD infused foods now include cookies, breakfast cereal, and popcorn.  Hundreds of new edibles are in development and will hit the stores in 2020. 

This is the year to look for other cannabinoids in CBD products.  CBDA or cannabidivarin, may reduce inflammation throughout the body and would be a cannabinoid in a product specifically for joint or muscle pain.  CBG or cannabigerol is a cannabinoid which can help to increase anxiety and muscle tension.  This is the year more cannabinoids will be used to treat health conditions and improve people’s lives.

Alternative Medicines

A group of young women sitting in a meditation class with sunlight streaming through a window.
Benefits of group meditation classes include support and motivation.

Alternative medicine like acupuncture and group meditation is becoming more and more popular. That’s often because people are more wary of harmful side effects associated with prescription medications.  As a result, over 60 percent of the global population now practices some sort of alternative medicine, according to Grand View Research. While botanicals have the largest share of the alternative medicine market, yoga and meditation are a fast-growing segment of the market.  In group meditation, someone guides you on a path of self-care.  Group meditation helps you feel a connection with others as you enjoy the silence and peace together. And just like group exercise, group meditation develops good habits like consistency and motivation. Additionally, members of group meditation can help provide support and feedback during the meditation process.

Plant Based Meals

Another health trend we can smile about is the rise of plant-based diets.  New food choices like Beyond Meat are widely available and are being incorporated into restaurant menus. Plus, more people concerned about animals being treated better and eating healthier.   We are seeing more plant-based offerings at restaurants as an indication of changes in society.   According to Jenny Zegle, associate director of food and drink for Mintel, “Vegan products will go more mainstream” in 2020.

Remote Medical Care

Many Americans suffering from non-emergency issues like allergies, pink eye, or sinus problems are turning to remote medical care providers, like Teledoc.   Diagnosis on the go like Teledoc was prevalent in 2019 and will be more in 2020.  In fact, 2019 revenue topped $550 million, up almost 25 percent over 2018. You can use a telephone or a mobile app to provide on-demand remote medical care.  Most insurance plans now offer coverage for this service.  And best of all, physicians can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Mocktails get dressed up

A mojito mocktail is part of a health trend away from alcohol based drinks.
A Mojito Mocktail is a refreshing drink you can enjoy anytime.

The declining trend in alcohol consumption that started in 2019 will continue into this year.  This is mostly driven by millennials and generation z. Both societal and health reasons are the cause.  Younger generations are less social and do not drink together in bars as much as older generations. I personally have cut back drinking and may have a drink once every 6 months or so, basically for the health benefits.  Most people are doing this to focus on health, decrease in sugar, and lose weight.  Furthermore, alcohol can disrupt sleep cycles and cause dehydration.  Recipes for mocktails now include exotic spices, fruit juices, and elaborate garnishes. The Chill Out Honeydew Cucumber Slushie from Bon Appetit is a healthier alternative to sugar syrup filled alcohol laden cocktails.  


Fermented foods, seeds and dark color vegetables will continue to gain popularity in 2020.  Fermented foods like Kimchi and Kombucha contain natural probiotics and are now widely available.  Seeds like pumpkin, sesame, and chia provide healthy fats, minerals, and fiber.  Additionally, seeds can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.  Dark vegetables, like beets, are great for fighting inflammation and boosting blood flow.  Therefore, help keep blood pressure in check.  Beets have no fat and can also reduce cholesterol so they will continue to find their way into more grocery baskets this year.

Health trends constantly evolve.  For this year, the team at Naturally. . . You are happy to see our attentions are drawn less toward weight loss and more toward overall health.  These are health trends we can smile about. Taking a natural approach to overall health is what we’re all about.  We offer full body detoxification programs to restore health, dietary consultation and a full line of CBD products that may help with a variety of health conditions.  For more information, visit us at our website. There you can chat with me on any health-related matter.  Here’s to a healthy new year!

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