4 Essential Health and Wellness Trends For A Better You Now!

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Covid’s impact on society is shaping health and wellness trends.  For the past two years, the covid 19 pandemic has been physically and mentally challenging for everyone.  Therefore, the hottest things in wellness address remote access to healthcare providers.   In addition to remote access, emphasis on mental health help, improving gut health, and boosting immune function highlight ways to get healthy and prevent the spread.  In this article, learn 4 essential health and wellness trends for a better you, NOW!

Virtual Access is Here to Stay

 Virtual health is here to stay.  Telemedicine is being embraced like never before.   You have access to physicians and other providers while remaining safely at home.  Care Innovations cites research from Parks Associates that states, “60% of households with broadband are interested in remote care either online or by telephone.” Online visits can be great for diagnosing a physical health condition, like a common cold, But they are also good for managing a mental health concern. 

If you use a telemedicine service, use a good camera and monitor so the doctor can see medical problems more clearly.  Be sure you prepare for your appointment with a list of questions and health history.  That way, it will make it easier for you and your health care provider to cover everything needed.  But as good as telemedicine may be, there are certain conditions where a doctor would still need to see you in person.  For example, an irregular mole, soft tissue mass, or a new heart murmur would likely result in a face-to-face visit.  While there’s no substitute for an in-person visit in certain medical cases, telehealth can be a great option for most people. 

A Spotlight on Mental Health Helps with Coping

It’s okay to say you’re “not okay.” Another health and wellness trend is taking better care of ourselves mentally.  According to minbodyonline.com, 49% of Americans agreed that the pandemic negatively affected their well-being.  It’s caused a spike in depression and anxiety.   You don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health problem to benefit from counseling.  Many people seek out counseling for everyday matters.  These matters include work-related stress or emotional insecurities.  Some people need help during difficult times like death, divorce, or trauma.  The good news is that more employers provide access to mental health support services for their employees.  As a result, more employees are taking advantage of this benefit.    Chronic emotional distress can significantly increase the chances of developing a serious physical condition.  Mental health treatments can reduce feelings of stress, improve mental functioning, and resolve problems.

Improving Digestive Health Benefits the Entire Body

Good gut bacteria can enhance your immune system function and help combat obesity.  Anyone suffering from these conditions should consider a total body cleanse. 

Health Condition
Upset Stomach
High Blood Sugar
Unintentional Weight Loss or Gain
Sleep Disturbances
Constant Fatigue
Skin Irritation

A full-body clean will flush out toxins and waste products.  It will also eliminate the symptoms that result from toxin build-up and reset your digestive tract for better efficiency.  For more information on a full body cleanse read our article.  A Total Body Cleanse will Make You Feel Great Again. 

Gut health is not just about cleansing.  It’s also about focusing on foods that will help heal your GI tract.  Wild salmon, raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, and mangos are considered healing foods.  Salmon is an abundant source of Omega 3 fatty acids, a powerful anti-inflammatory food.  Garlic feeds and fuels the existing flora already resent in your gut.  Apple cider vinegar helps digest fats, carbs, and protein.  Best of all, apple cider vinegar contains beneficial probiotics, relieving acid reflux.  Mangos keep the good bacteria in your gut alive and controls blood sugar.

Health and Wellness Trends Focused on Boosting Immune Function

There are two types of immunodeficiency disorders.  First, there are the ones you are born with, also known as primary.  Second are those that are acquired, like the flu or cancer.   Anything that weakens your immune system can lead to a secondary immunodeficiency disorder.  Our bodies do a great job of defending against disease and infection.  Nonetheless, sometimes a germ invades, or there is an uncontrolled growth of immune cells.  This results in sickness.  We need to continue to explore the effects of diet, exercise, and psychological stress on our bodies. 

Our first line of defense is choosing a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone knows the things to do, don’t smoke, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, minimize stress, and get adequate sleep.  And, we’ve heard a million times over the past few years, “Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly!”  

Several pairs of washing hands are part of the health and wellness trends for 2022.

To help boost your immunity, try Mlis Vital.  Vital contains astaxanthin, Ginko Biloba, Vitamin C, and Selenium.  This potent combination protects cells and has functional effects on muscle and nerve physiology.  It also improves blood flow, helping memory and concentration.  Vital can be a powerful tool for maintaining health and preventing disease.

Always Changing

Life is always changing.  In 2019 we never heard of Covid 19, and in 2020 many thought Covid would be gone in a few months.  Two years later, we are still struggling with new variants. 

For certain, living a healthy lifestyle and practicing wellness can help protect us from life’s changing conditions.  The four essential health and wellness trends we discussed can make your body healthier and prepare your mind to handle uncertainty.  That’s what Naturally. . . You does every day.  We offer services like detoxification programs and body wraps.  We also offer the highest quality CBD products to help ease pain and promote better sleep.  Visit our website to chat with us and learn more about ways to improve your life, naturally.

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