The Most Effective Ways to Successfully Use CBD.

CBD Effects

Everywhere I go it seems like there is another store selling CBD products.  New stores dedicated to CBD open every week with giant flags or people spinning signs to lure you in with free samples.  Most offer several different brands, multiple product lines, and a staff with different degrees of knowledge and training.  All of this can be confusing if you are buying CBD for the first time.  The fact is, CBD products are manufactured in different ways, come in different forms, and have different amounts of purity and potency.  Luckily, Naturally. . .You is here to help explain it all. We can help make sure you are buying the best CBD products to help achieve your wellness goals.  In this article, we will recap important things to remember about CBD, explore different products, and give tips on the most effective ways to successfully use CBD. 

Important things to Remember about CBD

  • CBD is natural and is produced by the hemp plant.
  • CBD has no psychoactive effects and is legal in all 50 states.
  • CBD receptors are found in our bodies so we are pre-wired to benefit from taking it.
  • CBD can help with physical and mental disorders and it promotes general health and wellness.
  • Important things to look for when buying CBD include full spectrum, organic certification, CO2 extraction, and third-party testing.

For more information about CBD, it’s benefits, and types of products check out my last article, Feel Great Naturally with the Power of CBD.  Another great source of CBD information is the article, CBD Hype of Hope, found in SkinInc Magazine.

Getting Started with CBD

One of the most important things to consider when starting a CBD program is the outcome you expect.  Your goal could be pain relief, better sleep, lower anxiety levels, better weight management and fat loss, or overall better health.  There are different ways to take CBD into your body and having a clear goal helps to determine the right method needed.  One of the most effective ways to successfully use CBD is to take it through your mouth, either with gummies,  capsules, or with under-the-tongue drops called tinctures.  Another method is inhalation, again through the mouth, using vaporized CBD droplets.  Finally, use CBD topically with creams and salves applied to the skin.  Each method is effective.  The one you select depends on your needs.

CBD Sleep Function
Slow-releasing CBD products are great for improving your sleep function.

Gummies and Capsules

Gummies and capsules release into the body through the digestive tract.  This starts about one hour from the time the gummy or gel cap is taken.  Buy these products if you want to treat any condition that can be improved with consistent use over time.   Gummies and capsules will remain in the body for six to eight hours.   So, if you’re looking to improve your sleep function, gummies may be the choice for you. 

Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tincture
Avid Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

Oil tinctures absorb into the mouth under the tongue and quickly enter the blood stream.  The cannabinoids then travel through the circulatory system to all parts of the body. They are faster-acting than gummies or capsules and last in the body four to six hours.  This product is good for conditions caused by inflammation that occurs throughout the body like rehumetoid arthritis and lupus.

Creams and Salves

Creams and salves are best for localized conditions or pain and work in five to 10 minutes.  This is great if you suffer conditions like symptoms of neuropathy in your feet or hands, muscle or joint pain, and skin conditions like eczema.   Using these products directly on the skin over the affected area concentrates CBD delivery on the spot.   You can use up to four times a day.

Vape Products

Vaporized products absorb into the lungs and affect the brain rather than the digestive tract. 

Dosing, Timing, and Consistency

CBD Clock
CBD effectiveness can be influenced by timing.

Be patient with CBD because determining your ideal dose takes time.  There is no reason to take more CBD product than you need to reach your goals.  At Naturally. . . You, we recommend all our clients to start out small.  Then give it time to work.  If you are just starting a CBD program, the CBD receptors in your body will need to awaken.  The happens over time so all products, regardless of delivery method,  get more effective the longer you use them.  By starting small and adjusting upwards in increments until you reach your goal will help determine the right size dose for you. 

Body size is another important factor when determining the starting dose.   Larger individuals will typically need to start with larger doses than smaller people,  but the strategy of small increases over time to determine the right dose remains the same.  Spreading the doses throughout the day is one of the most effective ways to successfully use CBD. In any program, consistency is vital to success.  The effectiveness of CBD builds over time so using CBD products consistently as directed is the best practice and most effective way to reach your health and wellness goals.

Communication is a Key to Success

Talking about CBD
Personal service and close contact is what
Naturally. . .You is all about.

As with any wellness program, consistent communication with a trained practioner is the key to success.  We speak directly with our clients on a regular basis, especially at the start of a program.  We do this to make sure we answer any questions or concerns.  This makes them comfortable with their program and gives us the opportunity to make tweaks to help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.  We take our responsibility for our clients’ health and wellness seriously, and our happiest clients stay in contact with us regularly.

Naturally. . . You sells selected CBD products and we know the most effective ways to successfully use CBD.  We have done extensive research to ensure our products meet the highest standards for potency and purity.  Plus, you will get personalized customer service that is the hallmark of our company.  We take the time to understand your conditions and only then do we suggest products and provide dosage guidelines to make sure you get the results you need.  Plus, we often provide special pricing you can’t find anywhere else.  To learn more, visit  You can chat live with us on the site or call me at 813.505.9815.  I’m always available to discuss CBD or any wellness-related topic.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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