Six Keys to Optimal Health–Renewal

naturally you fl six keys to optimal health renewal

Helping others, being grateful, and having mindfulness as you go through your daily life improves both mental and physical health and is one of the keys to optimal health. Benefits of renewal include:

  • Opens doors to and enhances social relationships
  • Improves physical health
  • Improves psychological health
  • Enhances empathy
  • Reduces aggression
  • Promotes better quality of sleep
  • Builds self esteem
  • Promotes mental health

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Renewal Resource Guide

Book Thank You Power

Thank You Power

Deborah Norville

Beginning with two small words, thank you, Norville shows how anyone can be happier and more resilient, have better relationships, improved health, and less stress.

Book Stillness Speaks

Stillness Speaks

Eckhart Tolle

At the core of the book is what the author calls “the state of presence,” a living in the ‘now’ that is both intensely inspirational and practical.

The Art of Stillness

Pico Iyer

The Art of Stillness considers the unexpected adventure of staying put and reveals a counter-intuitive truth: The more ways we have to connect, the more we seem desperate to unplug. Because in our madly accelerating world, our lives are crowded, chaotic and noisy. There’s never been a greater need to slow down, tune out and give ourselves permission to be still.