Four Unmistakable Signs of Dehydration

Dried roses symbolizing the four unmistakable signs of dehydration.

Chronic dehydration affects 75 percent of the US population.  Yes. . . 75 percent!  That’s three in every four people and chances are, it affects you.  Dehydration is a condition that occurs when your body flushes out more liquid than it takes in.  It can cause serious health issues.  Your mood, attention, memory and motor coordination can be affected with as little as 1 percent dehydration.  On the extreme end of the scale, it compromises your brain and kidney functions. Plus your heart and cardiovascular system work harder that those who are properly hydrated.   While your body provides early warning signs of dehydration, most people mistake them for signs of other issues.  Today Naturally. . .You looks at its causes and four unmistakable signs of dehydration you should look for.

What You Drink Matters. . .

Most people don’t think they dehydrated.  We seem to be drinking things all the time.  If you’ve ever waited in a line of cars at a Starbucks drive-thru, you can attest to this.  The problem is not the consumption of liquids.  The problem is the consumption of the right kinds of liquids.  Any liquid that contains caffeine or alcohol is a diuretic.  A diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis, the increased production of urine. They expel water and salt from the body. They are found naturally in a number of foods and drinks.  Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are obvious beverages that contain natural diuretics.  In addition, fruits and vegetables like celery and cucumbers, according to Good Housekeeping, are natural diuretics and can cause water loss. 

You Can Miss the Warning Signs. . .

A lot of people spend their days sipping iced tea, coffee drinks, and sodas.  At night they unwind with a glass of wine.  Their liquid intake seems high. But the diuretic affect of some of these beverages causes a negative water consumption. This can quickly cause dehydration.  Disturbingly, other lifestyle-created issues get the credit for some of the body’s early warning signs of dehydration.

Man suffering from a headache, an early warning sign of dehydration that most people don't recognize.
Headaches, fatigue, and depression are early warning signs of dehydration that are often misdiagnosed.

One of the early warning signs is fatigue.  Almost everyone I know complains about being tired from time to time.  But nobody ever says, “I’m so tired, maybe I’m dehydrated!”  Instead, they point to how busy they are as the cause of their fatigue.  Another early warning sign is headaches.  Often, we assume headaches are the result of stress or anxiety. Finally, another early warning sign of dehydration is depression.  With so many external forces like unrest throughout the world, cultural shifts, and negative news coverage, it’s easy to ignore the internal forces, like dehydration, that can be the cause of depression.

Four Unmistakable Signs of Dehydration

  1. Difficulty going to the bathroom.  Constipation and the lack of urination is an unmistakable early warning sign.  Healthy, hydrated adults should urinate at least every 3 to 4 hours.  If you go eight or more hours without urinating, you are probably dehydrated. 
  2. Urine volume.  The volume of urine varies from person to person depending on their bladder size.  But the amount of your urine is consistent.  In a properly hydrated person, when the bladder is full it signals the brain that it’s time to go.  According to Bladder and Bowel Community, the lack of fluid in dehydrated people results in concentrated urine. This irritates the bladder. It makes you feel the urge to pass urine with urgency or more frequently.  As a result, it causes low urine volume.
  3. Urine color.  Your urine should be clear or light yellow in color.  This is a healthy sign that your body has the proper amount of liquid.  If your urine gets darker in color, it indicates urine concentration and is a telltale sign of dehydration.
  4. Poor Skin Elasticity.  Pinch your skin on the back of your hand.  It should quickly fall back into place.  If not, it means you are dehydrated.  This is the most important of the four unmistakable signs of dehydration. Many doctors and medical professionals use this test to determine dehydration because of it’s reliability.

Easy to Cure and Prevent

A glass of ice water.

The good news is that dehydration is easy to cure and prevent.  If you check off any of the four unmistakable signs of dehydration, drink more water.  Just water.  I’m not saying you have to give up your morning espresso or iced tea at lunch time.  But switch out some beverages containing caffeine and alcohol you would normally consume throughout the day with water.  You will notice the benefits almost immediately.  That, combined with a full body detox from Naturally. . . You can change your life.  You will rid your body of toxins, reset your relationship with food and set your body on a path to abundant health, naturally.  To learn more about the role water plays in our bodies, visit our website.  There you can find useful resources about the subject of water. You can also chat with me on any other health-related topic. Let’s chat soon!

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