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64 Million Americans have tried CBD in some form, in the past 24 months according to Consumer Reports. That’s over a quarter of our entire population.  And among those people who have tried CBD, one out of seven now use it every day.  That’s amazing, considering that until last year, growing hemp in this country was illegal and had been over 80 years! Now it seems like someone sells CBD on every corner.  With so much product out there, people are bound to be a little confused about CBD, it’s benefits, and most importantly, what to look for when sourcing CBD products.  When it comes to CBD, Naturally. . .You has all the answers.  Our clients benefit from our extensive research on CBD, our recommended products, and guidance on the proper dosage for their unique conditions.  Now is the time to feel great using the power of CBD.

CBD and Why it Works. . .

CBD is produced naturally by hemp plants.

CBD or cannabidiol is part of the hemp plant but has no psychoactive effects.  All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their bodies.  This system collects and decodes signals from cannabinoids.  It plays an important role in maintaining internal balance known as homeostasis.  This occurs at every level of biological life from subcellular functions to the organism itself and is important to overall health and well-being.  Our bodies have naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors so we are pre-wired to experience the benefits of CBD.  There are two types of CBD receptors in the body.  CB1 receptors found in the brain help with mental, cognitive functions, and physiological processes.  CB2 receptors are also found throughout our immune and nervous systems, major organs, and bones.  These are responsible for physical well-being.  They fight disease, regulate pain, and according to Medical Express, control inflammation.     

Products Forms Available. . .

CBD Oil Tincture naturallyyoufl.com
CBD Oil is taken orally.

CBD is available in numerous products forms including oils, gummy candies, teas, and lotions.  The products are merely vessels for CBD delivery into the body and each is designed to deliver CBD in a different way.  Oils consumed through the mouth deliver CBD into the body the fastest.  Gummies have to be digested to release the CBD so this is a more, time-released method of CBD delivery.  Lotions deliver CBD directly through the skin to an applied area.  Know why CBD is needed and then determine the best product for the job.   

Feel Great from Benefits of CBD. . .

If you want to feel great naturally with the power of CBD consistency is the key. Using it daily improves overall wellness and can address specific issues that cause problems. Using CBD can reduce inflammation in the body.  This helps to relieve chronic pain in joints caused by arthritis.  CBD receptors in the digestive tract help reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.  Also, CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects in mammals.  Several of my clients who take CBD report lower anxiety and better-quality sleep.  CBD can even help clear up some inflammation-related skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.  CBD is safe for everyone but make sure you check with your doctor before using it, especially if you are on any prescription drugs.   

Not all CBD is created equal. . .

The best way to ensure you are getting the best CBD products on the market is to call us at Naturally. . .  You.  These are the things we insisted on when selecting our products. . .

  1. The product must be “Full Spectrum”.  The hemp plant has over 100 different cannabinoids, CBD is just one of them.  The cannabinoids work together to produce the best benefits and is more effective than isolating CBD and just using that one.  
  2. Avoid isolates.  The word “isolate” sounds good because isolates can be marketed as 100% pure CBD.  But making of isolates involves using chemical solvents during the extraction process.  These solvents can decrease the effectiveness of the product.  Plus, I would never recommend putting anything chemically treated into your body.
  3. Go organic.  Enough said. 
  4. The CO-2 extraction process. This process is the most effective way to extract a high concentration of CBD without harming the plant.  It combines a precise temperature and pressure combination to ensure product purity.  It’s an expensive process, but cheaper ways of extraction produce inferior CBD.
  5. A short ingredient list.  Who needs fillers and unnecessary ingredients in anything?
  6. Third-party laboratory testing for potency and purity.  This is very important because not only do you want to be sure of high CBD concentration but also to make sure the products do not contain heavy metals or pesticides.  Lab testing is the only way to be sure.  This is an added expense to companies producing CBD products, but don’t but any CBD product without it.

Why buy from Naturally…You

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Naturally. . .You is all about personalized service and client relationships

Buying CBD from Naturally. . . You guarantees you will get the best CBD products on the market.  We have done extensive research and established the highest standards for potency and purity.  Plus, you will get personalized customer service that is the hallmark of our company.  We take the time to understand your conditions and only then do we recommend products and provide dosage guidelines to make sure you get the results you need.  Plus, we often provide special pricing you can’t find anywhere else.  Now is the time to feel great using the power of CBD. To learn more, visit naturallyyoufl.com.  You can chat live with us on the site or call me at 813.505.9815.  I’m always available to discuss CBD or any wellness-related topic.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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